Facebook Messenger

StitchMeGifts asked us to develop a native e-commerce solution that would allow their Facebook messenger bot to sell direct to their customers from within messenger with payments by Stripe.

The StitchMeGifts bot features.

  • Native e-commerce store with Stripe Payments.
  • Personalised Welcome images
  • Email capture to marketing systems.
  • Best selling and Gift Ideas store.
  • Order Checking.
  • Support requests to email


Facebook Messenger

Guitar.Life is the leading guitar apparel brand. We worked with them to develop a Facebook Messenger bot that could drive sales through a personalized e-commerce landing system right inside the bot. 

ErnieBot has a strong portfolio of technologies powering his interactions with users including

  • A custom A.I designed for the brands use cases.
  • A custom built product image personalisation engine.
  • Email capture to marketing systems.
  • Best selling and Gift Ideas store.
  • Order Checking.
  • Support requests including Zendesk Ticket creation

The Harrogate Bartender

Facebook Messenger

The Harrogate Bartender asked us to develop a native messenger solution that would help prospective customers learn more about them even when everyone is busy working on clients like weddings and corporate events.

The The Harrogate Bartender bot features.

  • A complete guide to Events
  • Testimonials from current clients
  • Quick contact via phone or messenger

Harrogate Advisor

Facebook Messenger

Our experimental learning A.I that has been unleashed on the people of Harrogate in an organic viral test. Over time Harrogate Bot will learn from the users that interact with it, filling in the gaps in it’s knowledge while organically growing it’s audience. 

The Harrogate bot features.

  • A learning A.I that grows over time.
  • Daily facts about Harrogate.
  • Daily Local News.
  • Restaurants and food recomendations.
  • Local shopping both high street and boutique recommendations.
  • Email capture for Promotional marketing from local shops.


Facebook Messenger

FEEDCHAT makes it quick and easy to connect your ChatFuel bot to external APIs and get a response back all without programming or zaps! With the FeedChat Facebook Messenger bots their prospective customers can test out FeedChats features experiencing them as their own users would.

We created the bot flow as well as implemented all the api features over JSON.


Alexa Skills

  • Alexa Skills
  • Sleepytime
  • Alexa T-shirts

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