We design and develop Alexa Skills that people love to talk to.

Alexa represent a huge shift in consumer behavior, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for your brand to be invited into people’s homes using the power of voice. 

No longer the stuff of science fiction, we create Interactive Voice Experiences that bring your brand closer to your customers and stakeholders. 

From customer services to sales and prospect marketing, every aspect of your brand’s consumer contact can be enhanced through the availability of an Alexa Skill. 

The Get Voice Agency have created over 40 Alexa Skills for businesses and consumers worldwide.

With Alexa we can provide you with active marketing through SMS to all your Alexa Skill users.

Imagine being able to collect the SMS of your Alexa Skill users, keep them up-to-date with new features or tell them about your latest product promotion direct to their mobile inbox.

Alexa devices cover the complete range of form factors from the small Echo Dot to the screen based Eco Show. There are so many innovative ways to introduce your brand through Alexa.

 Businesses can benefit from a range of features including:

  • Interactive Product Guides
  • Interactive games and quizzes for brand building
  • Customer service FAQs
  • Call back requests
  • Sales, including native in-skill checkout
  • Subscriptions, recurring revenue from Alexa
  • SMS Marketing to existing Skill users
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Through the creation of interactive game and quiz Skills, brands are able to introduce themselves to current and prospective customers without the hard sell of advertising present with traditional marketing. 

Create a fun experience and ask users to part with their SMS number to receive Skill instructions, new Skill features and marketing messages – all while the user is engaging around fun interactive on-brand content.

Creating voice-based Skills requires a new way of thinking about the user experience. 

We craft user intents onto business processes to create viable voice experiences that feel as natural to users as speaking to a friend or colleague. 

You should never have to ‘Think’ before you speak to Alexa.

We create Alexa Skills for every region and in every language supported by Alexa.

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